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Name:Digital Art and Artists
Posting Access:All Members
Community description:Discussion and critique of digital art, artists, and more
Welcome to the Dreamwidth digital art community!


  1. Constructive criticism is welcome here. Flames or attacks are most assuredly not. If you can't tell the difference, it's probably best to keep it to yourself. If you see comments that you believe are inappropriate, notify a moderator. It is not appropriate to attack or flame anyone here, even if they started it.

  2. The definition of art is subjective. You may not always agree on the definition. See Rule 1.

  3. When posting large images, please place them behind a cut.

  4. Do not post work that isn't yours. If you are found to have posted work that doesn't belong to you and you do not have verifiable proof of permission from the copyright owner or you have claimed that the work is your own, you will be banned from the community. (Please note that a Creative Commons license counts as proof of permission for these purposes. The point is to respect the wishes of the creator.)

  5. This community is open to a variety of subject matters. Any content that is welcome under the Open Expression and Diversity Statement is welcome here. This means that some content may make some viewers uncomfortable. If you find something posted here that makes you uncomfortable, stop looking at it.

  6. You are welcome to post art containing nudity or adult concepts in this community. However, you MUST flag the entry appropriately and with the reason. Please be as clear as possible when stating the reason for flagging the entry. Failure to do so may cause your post to be deleted.

  7. Feel free to discuss techniques, ask questions, or discuss other topics that deal with digital art. However, off topic posts simply don't belong here. They may be deleted without warning. Posts on the technical side of visual arts may be better suited to our sister community [community profile] pixelpushers.

  8. Advertisements for other communities or events are allowed only by permission of the maintainer/moderator. Contact information is below. If you fail to get permission, those posts may also be deleted without warning.

  9. Any art created partially or completely using a computer or similar tool is welcome here. This includes (but is not limited to) 2d art, 3d art, and music. If you're not sure if something is appropriate for this community, please feel free to ask.

  10. This community is focused on discussion. You are not welcome to disable comments on your posts.

  11. Maintainer/Moderator:

    [personal profile] iconoplast - Stacey
    Contact - dw.digitalart (at) or private message here.

    The layout used in this community is based on Venus as a Boy [Transmogrified] by [personal profile] fascination.
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