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This is a shot in the dark, but I'd rather ask on Dreamwidth before signing myself up on 20 new forums to ask little questions :)

I'm using Blender 2.63.7, and I'm having a little issue with proportional falloff. The shortcuts for changing proportional falloff distance are Mousewheel Up/Mousewheel Down and PgUp/PgDown. I am modeling on a Macbook Air and do not have a page up or page down key, and the normal mousewheel gesture on my trackpad* does nothing. I also tried cmd-up arrow and cmd-down arrow, which emulate page up/down in most text, to no effect.

* which incidentally works great for panning, rotating, etc! Blender fully recognizes pinch and twist, too, if a bit quirkily.

This isn't a *huge* deal as I do have peripherals, but I was hoping to spend my downtime during a flight I have in a few days working on a model, and would really like to be able to use proportional editing! I don't want to pull out my Intuos on a plane... though it wouldn't be something I've never done before...

In the spirit of sharing, Here's my WIP :D The sketch reference in the image is also mine, so I suppose it's kind of a double contribution?!

I hope there are some Blender users on this comm who know what's what! I would love to see a Blender or even 3DCG-centric community on DW (unless there is one of the latter?).
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